Orbi-Lite High Performance – performance range 12-17mu

Blown multi-layered high performance stretch film. This product differs from pre-stretched and conventional blown stretch film because of its unique winding. Orbi-Lite HP has increased stretch capability and is further enhanced through it’s re-enforced edge profiles eliminating snagging & shredding that is commonly seen when using conventional stretch films. Capable of stretch up to 300% ensuring maximum elongation with reduced consumption and improved carbon footprint.

Orbi-Lite is a product we have developed to replace conventional style stretch film that are commonly underutilised in terms of stretch.  Orbi-Lite HP has an easy unwind and  will reduce your natural wastage in use by being able to use to the core.

  • Folded and oscillated reel profiles for easy unwind
  • Excellent cling properties
  • Reduced wrapping pallet costs
  • Improved carbon footprint
  • Up to 300% stretch
  • Available in standard core & extended core
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