Orbi-Wrap Agricultural Film

By employing new developments in polymer science and film extrusion technology we have created Orbi-wrap – a balewrap that takes the benefits of bale wrapping to a whole new level.

Key to Orbi-wraps numerous advantages is the fact that it’s a new generation film. What this means is that we have learned from many years of experience in the art of balewrapping. Orbi-wrap is able to offer all the benefits of a conventional, high performance balewrap with many new benefits.

These include improved layering, therefore providing an improved oxygen barrier (to help inhibit any further oxygen ingress once the bale is wrapped), improved cling properties, elongation, dart drop resulting in a film capable of high speed wrapping.

  • Multi-layered blown co-extruded bale wrap up to 5 layers.
  • Versatile (Improved layering for better bales).
  • Suitable for use on all balewrappers (high and low speed wrappers).
  • In-built UV protection against sunlight degradation.
  • No more long ‘tails’. High tack ensures they adhere readily to the outside of the bale.

With its high level of UV radiation protection, Orbi-Wrap offers strength and protection for wrapped silage bales for a full 12 months after application.

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